Here we go. What are your four favorite episodes of VOY Season Two?

Here we go. What are your four favorite episodes of VOY Season Two?

Cheat sheet below:

2.1 — “The 37s”

2.2 — “Initiations”

2.3 — “Projections”

2.4 — “Elogium”

2.5 — “Non Sequitur”

2.6 — “Twisted”

2.7 — “Parturition”

2.8 — “Persistence of Vision”

2.9 — “Tattoo”

2.10 — “Cold Fire”

2.11 — “Maneuvers”

2.12 — “Resistance”

2.13 — “Prototype”

2.14 — “Alliances”

2.15 — “Threshold”

2.16 — “Meld”

2.17 — “Dreadnought”

2.18 — “Death Wish”

2.19 — “Lifesigns”

2.20 — “Investigations”

2.21 — “Deadlock”

2.22 — “Innocence”

2.23 — “The Thaw”

2.24 — “Tuvix”

2.25 — “Resolutions”

2.26 — “Basics, Part I”






3 responses to “Here we go. What are your four favorite episodes of VOY Season Two?”

  1. Polly Ann Avatar

    Threshold😱 and Tuvix😉LOL

  2. Kevin Black Avatar

    I like talking about my favorites more than rounding up my disappointments. Fortunately there are four clear leaders which I rated either at 4 or 4.5 (no five star episodes this season). They are, alphabetically:

    “Deadlock” — The Voyager is doubled, allowing Janeway to help Janeway and enabling the crew to obtain replacements for lost comrades in this fun episode, as full of action as with ideas.

    “Non Sequitur” — This smart-looking episode places Harry Kim again in an adjacent dimension, one where he lives in San Francisco and never boarded Voyager. This time the sacrifice is Tom Paris.

    “Projections” — I enjoyed this episode, in which EMH awakens alone aboard Voyager and ends the hour by meeting Reginald Barclay, more than any other. Because of EMH and Barclay, and because it asks questions about meaning and existence.

    “Tuvix” — My second favorite episode is also the most memorable episode of the season, perhaps of the series so far. The Tuvix Problem joins the Trolley Problem in the annals of philosophical conundrums. I loved our discussion about this one!

  3. Randi Cohen Avatar

    I have to agree with these pics! Honestly most of the episodes this season were either forgettable or memorable in a bad way. My favorite really was Deadlock, in that I respected Janeway much more than I usually do. She often seems unsure of herself and her moral compass, and in this episode she truly acts like a Federation captain.

    Of the 4, my least favorite is “Non Sequitur”, but it’s still an interesting look at what might have been.

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